Classification and scope of application of labeling machines

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      This article will introduce to you what is a labeling machine, Labeling machine is a device that sticks paper or metal foil labels on specified packaging containers with adhesives. Labeling machines are an integral part of modern packaging. At present, the types of labeling machines produced in my country are gradually increasing, and the technical level has also been greatly improved. It has shifted from the backward situation of manual and semi-automatic labeling to the pattern of automatic high-speed labeling machines occupying the vast market.

      The upgrade of the labeling machine

      Now with the development of science and technology, the labeling machine has also ushered in automation, Let me introduce you to some advantages of automatic labeling machines. First, a wide range of applications, which can meet the full-circle labeling or half-circle labeling of round bottles, the labeling switch between bottles is simple, and the adjustment is convenient., Next, The label has a high degree of coincidence, and the labeling belt is deviated by a rectifying mechanism, the labeling belt does not deviate, the labeling position can be adjusted in three directions of x/y/z and the inclination of a total of eight degrees of freedom, there is no dead angle to adjust, and the label coincidence degree high


      The upgrade of the labeling machine

      The labeling quality is excellent, and the elastic pressure-covered label belt is adopted, and the labeling is smooth and wrinkle-free, which improves the packaging quality; Flexible application, bottle stand-up labeling, with automatic bottle separation function, can be produced by stand-alone or connected to an assembly line.

      Intelligent control, automatic photoelectric tracking, with no labeling, no label automatic correction and label automatic detection function, to prevent leakage of labels and label waste Need to be adjusted; Sturdy and durable, the three-bar adjustment mechanism is adopted to make full use of the stability of the triangle, and the whole machine is solid and durable. Made of stainless steel and high-grade aluminum alloy, it meets GMP production requirements.

      The upgrade of the labeling machine

      The scope and application classification of labeling machines

      What are the classification and application scope of the labeling machine? A labeling machine is now a machine that almost every manufacturer needs to use. As an indispensable machine in the production process, the labeling machine also has different models according to different applications. Then the classification and application of the labeling machine What are the scopes? The following will give you a detailed introduction.

      Generally speaking, the labeling machines mainly include self-adhesive labeling machines, sleeve labeling machines, round bottle labeling machines, beer labeling machines, semi-automatic labeling machines, labeling machines, automatic labeling machineshot melt adhesive labeling machine. These products can be used for flat sticking, single- or multi-sided sticking of packaging, cylindrical sticking, partial or full-covering cylindrical sticking, concave and corner sticking, etc.

      Product Types of Automatic Labeling Machines

      Classification of labeling machines: 1. According to different adhesive coating methods, it can be divided into self-adhesive labeling machine, paste labeling machine (paste labeling machine, glue labeling machine), and hot melt adhesive labeling machine;

      2. According to the type of product, it is divided into linear labeling machines and rotary labeling machines.

      3. According to the realization of different labeling functions, it can be divided into plane labeling machine, side labeling machine, and circular labeling machine;

      4. 4. According to the degree of automation, it can be divided into automatic, automatic, semi-automatic, and manual labeling machines;

      The scope of application of the labeling machine:1. The plane labeling machine is to realize the labeling and filming on the upper plane and the upper curved surface of the workpiece, such as boxes, books, plastic shells, etc. There are two methods of rolling and sucking, mainly based on efficiency, accuracy, and bubble requirements. Make a selection.

      2. The round bottle labeling machine realizes labeling or filming on the circumferential surface of cylindrical and conical products, such as glass bottles, plastic bottles, etc. There are mainly two ways of vertical labeling and horizontal labeling.

      3. The side labeling machine realizes labeling or filming on the side plane and side arc surface of the workpiece, such as cosmetic flat bottles, square boxes, etc., and can be equipped with round bottle labeling equipment to realize round bottle labeling at the same time. The above is the classification and application scope of labeling machines. Different types of labeling machines have different application scopes. When choosing a labeling machine, we should choose the appropriate labeling machine product according to our needs. 


      Automatic labeling machinery is a modern product, which fundamentally changes the situation of low efficiency and low quality of manual labeling. The use of labeling machinery not only packs the production output but also greatly reduces the input cost and increases the production vitality of the manufacturer.


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