Deep Groove Ball Bearings

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      Deep groove ball bearings are one of the most common bearing types and are favored for their simple design, ease of maintenance, and wide range of applications. These bearings are mainly composed of inner rings, outer rings, cages and a large number of steel balls, and are suitable for bearing radial and axial loads. The design of the deep groove ball bearing allows stable performance during high-speed rotation while having a low coefficient of friction and good wear resistance.

      Applicable fields:

      Wuxi F&T Machinery Co., Ltd. is a deep groove ball bearing exporter and deep groove bearing company. Deep groove ball bearings are widely used in a variety of industries and equipment, including but not limited to:

      – Automobiles and vehicles

      – Motors and power tools

      – Agricultural and construction machinery

      – Food processing and packaging equipment

      – Medical and laboratory equipment

      – Home appliances and office automation equipment

      Selection Guideļ¼š

      When choosing a deep groove ball bearing, you need to consider the following factors:

      – Load type and size

      – Speed requirements

      – Working environment and conditions

      – Maintenance and lubrication requirements

      – Dimensions and installation requirements

      Our technical team can provide professional selection advice and technical support to help you find the deep groove ball bearing that best suits your application.


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