How to clean railway track fittings

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      Mention railway track fittings, everyone will naturally think of trains, to ensure the normal operation of trains, inseparable from the operation of each railway track fittings, according to the actual demand, Different railway track fittings play different roles, the railway not only carries the weight of the train itself, but also responsible for the safety of passengers, so we should not only check the use of railway track fittings at any time, Comply with the maintenance cycle of railway track fittings, parts are seriously corroded by rust, serious deformation and even broken, etc., need to be repaired according to the actual situation.

      railway track fittings are an important part of the railway, if there is no accessories, the railway can not be used, so we must not underestimate railway track fittings, railway track fittings in the use of the process, in addition to maintenance, It should also be kept clean, so that it will not rust and will not affect the use of railway track fittings. Then how should we clean railway track fittings?

      1. Wash with soluble lotion. Soluble emulsifiers usually consist of an emulsifier, soil, detergent, solvent, corrosion inhibitor, and a small amount of water. The role of water is to dissolve the emulsifier, the emulsifier dissolves the dirt on the surface of the fastener, so that the surface of the fastener forms an anti-rust film. An emulsion cleaner is a concentrated, pure oil that is diluted in water into a white emulsion. Emulsifiers and cleaners will catch the oil particles and dissolve them in cleaners containing solvents and oils.

      2. Alkaline cleaners. The PH of the cleaning agent is about 7, and the components of the cleaning agent are hydroxide, silicate, carbonate, phosphate, borate and organic chelating agents. railway track fittings points out that alkaline cleaners are a widely used cleaning agent consisting of surfactants, alkaline earth metal salts and detergents, each of which is designed to ensure cleanliness.

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